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Summer SAT Prep Class

Juniors and Seniors - this course is for you. Perfect for August and October SAT Test-takers.  17.5 Hours of Instruction - classes will meet in person in Lexington. Both Verbal and Math Components will be covered.  The course starts on Thursday August 4 and will meet seven times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am… Continue reading Summer SAT Prep Class


How to Tackle the SAT Main Idea Questions

The SAT reading section is challenging. It’s fast-paced, the passages are notoriously boring, and the questions can be awkwardly worded. You have 65 minutes to read 5 passages and answer 52 questions. Pacing is going to be a challenge, which I will discuss in another blog. However, there are ways to effectively prepare so that… Continue reading How to Tackle the SAT Main Idea Questions

SAT Subject Tests

What about SAT Subject Tests?

Should you take those too? And, what are the SAT Subject tests? As if junior and senior years aren’t stressful enough with college admissions craziness, now you may need to add SAT Subject tests (formerly called SAT II tests) to your list of things to do. Fear not! Many schools don’t require Subject tests for… Continue reading What about SAT Subject Tests?


ACT or SAT? That is the Question

  By Jean-Marie Gard; originally posted on Ready4  blog July 2016. College visits, applications, and standardized tests, oh my! There are so many decisions facing college-bound juniors and seniors. It can be daunting! One of the predominant questions students ask is: ACT or SAT – which test should I take? Many students puzzle over this and… Continue reading ACT or SAT? That is the Question