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Kickstart Calculus

Taking Calculus in the Fall? Get an Early Start with Kickstart Calculus!   Description: The online course Kickstart Calculus is ideal for students who are entering regular level or AP Calculus AB in the fall of 2020. Students coming out of Precalculus will benefit tremendously from this course. The goal of the course is to provide… Continue reading Kickstart Calculus

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Winter SAT Class Starts Soon!

  Taking the March SAT? Then this course is PERFECT for you! Specifically designed to cover all aspects of the exam, this course, taught in a small group setting, is both dynamic and challenging. Two experienced test prep experts who have enjoyed much success provide effective instruction! The course begins Sunday,  January 19 (please note:… Continue reading Winter SAT Class Starts Soon!


The Art of Math Test Taking

You understood everything your teacher taught, you faithfully completed your homework assignments getting nearly every answer correct and you studied a ton. Then, Test Day arrives. You go into the test feeling pretty confident and...wham! Your test comes back - you got a C. What happened? Turns out, this situation is not uncommon. To help… Continue reading The Art of Math Test Taking

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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid on SAT Math

Sure, multiple choice questions on the SAT are easy, right? Did you ever notice when practicing SAT multiple choice questions that even when you get an answer that you think is correct (but is wrong), your incorrect answer is a choice! Repeat - your wrong answer is one of the choices! Aarrgghh. This instills unfounded… Continue reading 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid on SAT Math